XHose Review

XHose Review | Does It Really Work?

Welcome to my XHose Review site, my name is Debbie. I am on a Community Gardening committee in my hometown and am continually being asked about my XHose.  I decided to make it easier for everybody to have the information about the XHose Garden Hose as well as give my personal experience using it all in one place, thus the making of this XHose Review site.

I purchased the XHose Expandable Hose from the Official XHose Website after seeing the XHose commercial and reading a few XHose reviews online. Surprisingly, it has been one of the best gardening and lawn purchases I’ve made.

The XHose is an expanding and contracting water hose that has a variety of purposes. There are different lengths the XHose Garden Hose comes in just like what you’d find at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. The shortest length is 25ft and from there goes up to 50ft, 75ft, and 100ft. These lengths are how long the XHose is when expanded. When contracted the XHose ranges from 9ft, 18.5ft, 28ft, and 37ft respectfully.

The XHose’s expanding and contracting ability isn’t the only great thing about the XHose Garden Hose. The XHose is nearly weightless, it doesn’t kink, knot, or twist, and it practically puts itself away, which is my favorite feature. The XHose water hose has a 2-in-1 design. The outside covering of the hose is made of strong and durable webbing. This is meant to protect the actual XHose which is made of tough rubber. It is this design that allows the XHose water hose to weigh between one to two pounds depending on the length. Its lightweight design makes it incredibly easy when dragging it over the lawn or when washing a car.

I’ve used both the regular hose as well as the slinky-like hose and always had issues with the hoses getting kinked, knotted, or twisted which broke it down and created holes throughout. It was always really annoying and I hated that each time I needed to use the hose I’d have to unwind it completely to make sure there weren’t kinks, knots, or twists in it. Then when it came time to wind it back up I was back to unkinking, unknotting, and untwisting it. A lot more effort than a simple hose should be!

Due to the design and flexibility of the XHose Expanding Hose it is absolutely impossible to get any kind of kink, knot, or twist in it. This means that it won’t break down like your typical lawn or garden hose so you don’t ever have to worry about it getting holes or cracks.

Now, my favorite feature – the XHose practically puts itself away! Who wouldn’t want that? After turning off the water, simply release the pressure in the hose through the nozzle and watch it shrink back up. No more dragging, winding, snaking it up, or leaving it out and killing the grass underneath. I don’t know how it could get any easier.

When I purchased the XHose Garden Hose I got the 25ft length because I wanted to see how well it would work at my community garden plot. The XHose comes with a 90-Day 100% Money-ack Satisfaction Guarantee so there was nothing to lose. After using the XHose for a week I ordered three more for my home. My husband and kids will actually help with watering the lawn now!

I hope this XHose review has been helpful to you. I wouldn’t recommend any other hose. It has the quality, durability, and unmatched features than any other hose.

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XHose Where to Buy

XHose Where to Buy | Best Place & Cheapest Price

I have had my XHose for awhile now; long enough for all my neighbors and friends at the local community garden to have one of their own. I am often asked where to buy the XHose. Before I share the different places XHose can be found, let me review what XHose is and why it is comes with such great reviews.

XHose is a lawn and gardening hose that takes less than a third of the space that a regular hose does. It is made out of a rubber lining that expands when there is water flow. It is covered with durable webbing that protects the rubber hose inside.  Because of the materials the XHose is made out of the hose will never kink, knot, or twist which were things in the past that caused me to replace the hoses I used to purchase. This can add up over time.

Regular hoses are bulky, heavy and sometimes hard to place and drag around the yard. I am one who still waters my lawn with a sprinkler. I don’t have any issues using the XHose compared to a regular hose. I also have more help in watering everything as well.

The XHose Expandable Hose is very lightweight and because of this my grandchildren are excited to help with the watering, washing the car, or just pulling it out to set up some water fun on the trampoline for themselves. I believe it is because watching the XHose expand when the water is turned on and contract as the water is emptied never gets old. I always have a willing individual who wants to help clean up when I am finished watering.

The XHose comes in different lengths: 9ft, 18.5ft, 28ft and 37ft that expand to 25ft, 50ft, 75ft and 100ft. Due to the small amount of space they take up XHoses are easily stored. I am never tripping over, winding up , or repairing the kinks or holes that show up in every other type of hose with time.

XHose, where to buy? On Amazon. I really love Amazon and the deals that can be found on great stuff.

XHose, where to buy? On eBay. I have come across the same problems as Amazon only the products I purchased I knew had been used. I didn’t have as high of expectations with eBay, but I still like the guarantee of products.

XHose, where to buy? The BEST place – the Official XHose Website. This is where I purchased my XHoses because each one I purchased came with a 90 day money back warranty. I decided to go this route because sometimes there are malfunctions that come with products. The 90 day money back guarantee allowed to me to test the product and make sure there was nothing wrong. I also liked the customer service I received when I ordered. XHoses are very well priced.  For only $19.99 plus shipping and handling, one can have a hose that will last many years not just a couple.

I would recommend XHose to any gardener, home owner, and parent of children who love to play outside in the sprinklers. My family uses ours on a regular basis. The community garden isn’t cluttered with hoses go whichever way. The XHose is one of those products you wonder why it took so long to be invented. Order yours today, you won’t regret it.

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XHose Special Offer

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XHose Commercial

XHose Commercial | Cheesy or Legit?

Infomercials always leave a bitter-sweet taste in my mouth. More often than not the actors are incredibly cheesy but it is the products that keep me watching. The XHose commercial was no different.

I still might not being able to get over the awful acting in the XHose commercial, but I also can’t keep a smile of complete satisfaction off my face knowing that I have multiple XHoses for my home and garden. The XHose still continues to rank in the top 10 home and garden purchases.

I’ve included the XHose commercial below. I presume that the majority of you have already seen the XHose commercial. The biggest reason for including the XHose commercial are for those I’ve given my XHose Review website to who have not yet seen it.

Let’s take a look at the benefits the XHose commercial lists over the typical garden hose that most people have.

Lightweight – only 1lb compared to regular hoses which can weigh between 8lb – 15lbs or more.

Space – can fit into a flower pot whereas other hoses are bulky and take up a lot of space.

Construction – built for protection against the elements and rough human handling and/or neglect. Other hoses don’t have any type of protection and often get punctured and worn.

Handling – the XHose doesn’t kink, twist, or knot due to its unique design. Even when used carefully kinks, twists, and knots are often found with regular hoses.

Storage – due to its expandable and contracting feature the XHose will basically put itself away when you’re done. No more dragging and winding the hose up.

It isn’t hard to identify the benefits of the XHose over your typical garden or lawn hose. No matter what purpose you use your hose for the XHose will perform as well, if not better, than any other hose out there. You won’t have to worry about it getting punctured, kinked, worn, or damaged.

The XHose commercial doesn’t talk about different sizes that are available. You can find the different prices of the XHose expanding hose on the Official XHose Website. The sizes the XHose comes in are 25ft, 50ft, 75ft, and 100ft. These are lengths once the XHose is completely expanded. When contracted the length of the XHose is 9ft, 18.5ft, 28ft, and 37 respectfully.

The XHose commercial gives a pretty good picture of what the XHose can do. Is there anything that the XHose can’t do? Yes, actually but it isn’t any different than regular garden hoses. The XHose needs to be stored indoors during the winter months in order to protect it from the cold temperatures. It also needs to be kept out of the hot sunlight during the summer when not in use, but this a non-issue because it practically puts itself away when it’s done being used. Other than those two storage tips there isn’t anything else that the XHose can’t do.

As you can see from the XHose commercial and my other XHose review articles I have put the XHose through the test to see if it a dependable and quality product. I have gotten rid of all of my other hoses and use only the XHose for all my hose needs. I highly recommend the XHose. Try the XHose for 90-Day with a 100% Money-back Guarantee. What do you have to lose?

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XHose Water Hose

XHose Water Hose | How Versatile Is It?

There still seems to be some doubt as far as the durability and quality of the XHose Water Hose. More often than not I am getting questions about if the XHose Water Hose can be used for this or if the XHose Water Hose can be used for that. I can’t answer everybody’s question because I haven’t used the XHose for every single possible thing, but I will tell you this…

Anything that needs the use of a hose, the XHose Water Hose can do the job.

The XHose Expandable Hose is no different than any other hose except for the obvious expanding, contracting, and anti-kinking features. In other words, there are no limitations that the XHose Water Hose cannot live up to. In fact, there shouldn’t be a question as to whether the XHose can or cannot do something. The quality of material that is used and the protection that the XHose Water Hose has is a step above any other hose for one simple reason; it will last!

Since the XHose Water Hose is impossible to kink, twist, or knot up it eliminates any type of wear and tear on the hose. The covering on the XHose gets rid of any exposure to the elements which causes other hoses to break down. Lastly, the expanding and contracting ability of the XHose Water Hose prevents it from being left out reducing other possible types of damage caused from cars, kids, or pets.

Simply stated, the XHose Water Hose it is the best hose on the market!

Now, as far as types of things that XHose Water Hose can be used for, I repeat that anything that needs the use of a hose, the XHose Water Hose can do the job. The main two purposes I use the XHose for is to water my garden and my lawn. The other things that my XHoses have been used for are when my kids set up the Slip-n-Slide and their other fun water toys. I have also used the XHose to clean the outside of my windows on my home. My husband used it to clean out our gutters that hadn’t been touched in quite some time.

On the XHose commercial it states that the XHose can be used on boats. I would venture to add that it can be a good thing to have in RV’s or in ones camping supplies. I love that because the XHose is lightweight and compact that you can store it or bring it with you anywhere you need.

The XHose Water Hose is a step above the rest, bar none. It provides the same use as any other hose but with the peace of mind that you won’t have to replace it due to wear and tear, you don’t have to roll it because it does it on its own, and there won’t be the hassle of un-twisting, un-knotting, and un-kinking it each time you need to use it. What more could you want in a hose?

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XHose Garden Hose

XHose Garden Hose | Put To The Test

As I mentioned in my XHose Review article, I am on the Community Garden committee. We are always looking for tools to make gardening easier and ways for our gardeners to be more successful in their gardening efforts. This is the whole reason why I purchased the XHose Garden Hose in the first place.

After seeing the XHose commercial, I went online to read XHose reviews to make sure that this product wasn’t a gimmick like a lot of the products they advertise on TV are these days. I came across the video of Fox News’ Deal or Dub XHose Review and couldn’t believe what I saw!

In the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area Fox News takes hot products and reviews and/or tests them to see if they are a good deal or a dud. What a genius idea! I was definitely interested to see what they concluded about the XHose Garden Hose after putting it to the ultimate test.

Fox News asked a local Nursery to put the XHose to the test by replacing all of their current hoses with the XHose Garden Hose. This local Nursery has two full-time workers that water the plants every day – that’s all they do. There are around 4,000 flats of flowers and between 500 to 2,000 hanging baskets that cover the size of two city blocks that need watering. That’s a lot of watering! I don’t think the XHose Garden Hose could be put through a better test than the one at this impressive Nursery.

Fox News had a certain criteria that they were testing the XHose Garden Hose against. They wanted to test how well it expanded and contracted, its weight, storability, the amount of pressure, and if it would kink, twist, or knot up. Take a look at the XHose Garden Hose test for yourself:

Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

That’s pretty impressive if you ask me! The XHose Garden Hose does everything that the creators say it will do. The XHose Garden Hose provides constant and continual needed pressure, it couldn’t be kinked on its own or on purpose, and it fit inside a flower pot. Conclusion: It’s a Deal!

What more could one want from a hose? The XHose Garden Hose does everything a regular hose will do, plus more! There are multiple XHose Garden Hoses of all different lengths in the shed at my Community’s Gardening Center and I have my personal XHose Garden Hose for my garden and at my home to water my lawn. It has been one of the best gardening tools I have ever purchased.

The best and only place to purchase the XHose Garden Hose is on the Official XHose Website. According to Fox News, the XHose is on back order so don’t let any more time go by before you order the XHose Garden Hose for yourself!

Click Here to get your XHose Risk-FREE

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XHose Expandable Hose

XHose Expandable Hose | How Does It Work?

Many of you have been asking about the science behind the XHose Expandable Hose. When I saw the XHose commercial I had a hard time wrapping my head around how it really works. How do they get the XHose to expand and contract like that? What materials do they use and how long does it last?

These are all very good questions and I’ve done a little research to try to answer them, but there isn’t a whole lot of information on the Official XHose Website or on the Internet about the XHose Water Hose.

The XHose Expanding Hose is made up of two layers – the first layer is strong webbing and the second layer is the expanding and contracting rubber. I’ve had a lot of experience using webbing for various purposes throughout my life and know that it is a very strong and durable material. Webbing is something that you can count on to last. Unless it is cut with something really sharp you won’t have to worry about it ripping or falling apart. It is durable through all types of weather – sun, rain, wind, snow. The makers of the XHose Garden Hose recommend storing the XHose indoors during the winter to protect the rubber layer, not the webbing. I don’t know if there is any other material out there that would have been better other than the webbing for the XHose. It’s strong, it’s durable, and it’s reliable. It’s perfect!

Now, the rubber hose layer is a little trickier. I couldn’t really find any information on the material or any other product like it. This was a little surprising to me but it seems that an expanding and contracting rubber hose is something that hasn’t ever been created before – at least in this form. The best way that I could wrap my head around the concept of rubber expanding up to 3 times its original length is by imagining a rubber band being stretched out.

You may be wondering if the XHose Water Hose does the same thing as rubber band when stretched out repeatedly; begin to show signs of wear and tear and eventually snaps. The XHose Expanding Hose is different because it is made up of a thicker and more dense rubber that is built to last. It also doesn’t stretch out and lose it’s expandability like a rubber band does.

I use my XHose Garden Hose on a daily basis to water my large garden plot. I also use my XHose Water Hoses to water my lawn every day. These XHoses get a ton of use and I have never had any issues with them showing signs of wear and tear or breaking down. The creators of the XHose Expanding Hose really knew what they were doing and made a high quality product that I can rely on for years to come.

There’s absolutely no risk in giving the XHose Expanding Hose a try. Use it for 90 days and if you are unsatisfied you can get your money back, no questions asked. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose. I highly recommend the XHose!

Click Here to get your XHose Risk-FREE

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XHose Amazon

XHose Amazon | Cheapest Place To Buy?

If you’re a bargain shopper like I am, you probably went online looking for a place to buy the XHose Garden Hose for a cheaper price than on the Official XHose Website. Many of you probably typed in, XHose Amazon, into Google or went straight to Amazon searching only to find that XHose on Amazon is a dead end.

It seems, at least for the time being, that the XHose is only available on their Official XHose Website. We’ll probably find that after the XHose commercial has had a lot of TV air time and the number of orders coming in from the TV advertising tapers off we will start seeing the XHose on Amazon or in stores like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. But we don’t know when that will happen so the question becomes, is it worth the wait in hopes to save a few bucks?

If you’ll remember from my XHose Review article I mentioned that the XHose comes with a 90-Day 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. You may not be able to find the XHose on Amazon for a cheaper price, but the advantage that you get from buying directly from the Official XHose Website is this guarantee. If you get the XHose and decide that you prefer the traditional garden and lawn hose over the XHose water hose you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked. Simple as that!

I have a 30ft x 30ft garden plot at the Community Garden in my hometown and ordered a 25ft XHose Garden Hose under the Satisfaction Guarantee just to try it out. The reason why I got a 25ft XHose for my large garden plot was so I could really put the hose to the test. I wanted to make sure that it was going to give me the needed pressure to reach across my garden with and without a nozzle and sprinkler.

Testing to see if it would knot, twist, or kink was also on my list of things to watch for. The day it arrived in the mail I took it out to my garden plot to test it out. A few of my fellow garden friends were there tending to their garden when I showed up. They didn’t realize that I was carrying a hose; they thought it was rope to add additional support to my string bean plants. When I connected the XHose Expandable Hose to the spigot and turned the water on it was so fun to watch it expand that I called my friends over to watch too. We all got a kick out of it and like a little kid kept turning the water on and off to watch the XHose expand and contract.

The XHose Garden Hose passed all the tests with flying colors. It got to the point that when I would go to my garden to water, I’d have to track my XHose down because many of my gardening friends would borrow it while they waited for their XHose water hose to arrive in the mail.

It is the perfect hose to use and take anywhere because it is so lightweight and compact. It seriously is the best hose I’ve ever owned. Don’t wait for the XHose on Amazon. Try it out for yourself under the XHose Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee.

Click Here to get your XHose Risk-FREE

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