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I have had my XHose for awhile now; long enough for all my neighbors and friends at the local community garden to have one of their own. I am often asked where to buy the XHose. Before I share the different places XHose can be found, let me review what XHose is and why it is comes with such great reviews.

XHose is a lawn and gardening hose that takes less than a third of the space that a regular hose does. It is made out of a rubber lining that expands when there is water flow. It is covered with durable webbing that protects the rubber hose inside.  Because of the materials the XHose is made out of the hose will never kink, knot, or twist which were things in the past that caused me to replace the hoses I used to purchase. This can add up over time.

Regular hoses are bulky, heavy and sometimes hard to place and drag around the yard. I am one who still waters my lawn with a sprinkler. I don’t have any issues using the XHose compared to a regular hose. I also have more help in watering everything as well.

The XHose Expandable Hose is very lightweight and because of this my grandchildren are excited to help with the watering, washing the car, or just pulling it out to set up some water fun on the trampoline for themselves. I believe it is because watching the XHose expand when the water is turned on and contract as the water is emptied never gets old. I always have a willing individual who wants to help clean up when I am finished watering.

The XHose comes in different lengths: 9ft, 18.5ft, 28ft and 37ft that expand to 25ft, 50ft, 75ft and 100ft. Due to the small amount of space they take up XHoses are easily stored. I am never tripping over, winding up , or repairing the kinks or holes that show up in every other type of hose with time.

XHose, where to buy? On Amazon. I really love Amazon and the deals that can be found on great stuff.

XHose, where to buy? On eBay. I have come across the same problems as Amazon only the products I purchased I knew had been used. I didn’t have as high of expectations with eBay, but I still like the guarantee of products.

XHose, where to buy? The BEST place – the Official XHose Website. This is where I purchased my XHoses because each one I purchased came with a 90 day money back warranty. I decided to go this route because sometimes there are malfunctions that come with products. The 90 day money back guarantee allowed to me to test the product and make sure there was nothing wrong. I also liked the customer service I received when I ordered. XHoses are very well priced.  For only $19.99 plus shipping and handling, one can have a hose that will last many years not just a couple.

I would recommend XHose to any gardener, home owner, and parent of children who love to play outside in the sprinklers. My family uses ours on a regular basis. The community garden isn’t cluttered with hoses go whichever way. The XHose is one of those products you wonder why it took so long to be invented. Order yours today, you won’t regret it.

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